Student Council Tuesday 21st March

  • Location: Belfast - Conor Lecture Theatre
  • Date: 21/03/17

In this meeting

Please note that the BDS Referendum (originally paper 14) is no long being brought to this Student Council.

An Emergency Motion has been submited by a Student Councillor in relation to the triggering of Article 50, and will be voted and discussed in place of the BDS Referendum.

A second Emergency Motion has been submited by a Student Councillor in relaiton to UUSU sending their condolences upon the passing of Martin McGuinness, and will be voted and discussed after the 'Support for Breastfeeding Students' motion.


1. Minutes

2. Matters Arising 

3. President Communications 

4. Student Officer Reports

5. Co-Opt Members

6. Sub-Committee Reports

- Governance Sub-Commitee (Verbal)

7. Amendment to Schedule One (Democratic Procedures)

8. Amendment to Schedule Two (Standing Orders)

9. Amendment to Good Academic Standing 

10. Amendment to Schedule Five (Societies)

11. Debate surrounding funding to Political Societies

12. Amendment to Schedule Four (Sport)

13. Society Affiliations

- Law Society (Magee)

- Ultimate Campus Wars Society (Belfast)

- The Built Environment, Art and Design Research Society (The B.A.D Research Society) (Belfast) 

- Politics Society (Jordanstown) 

- Telvision Society (Coleraine)

14. Lapse Policy

- LGBT Lobby

15. Support for Breastfeeding Students

16. EMERGENCY MOTION: Condolences upon the passing of Martin McGuinness

17. January Exam Period

18. Higher Education Bill

19. Student Officer Role Description

20. Acht Na Gaeilge

21. Irish Unity Referendum

22. EMERGENCY MOTION: Triggering of Article 50 

23. Keep Wednesday Afternoons Free

24. Set Lunch Time

25. Staff and Student Alliance 

26. Society Development

27. Society Membership Fee Discount

28. Society Transparency

29. Emergency Phones

30. Silent Computer Areas

31. Vegan Cheese on Pizza

32. Tabled Questions

33. Any other business

34. Date and time of next meeting 


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