Academic Society of the Year

Being part of a society can really enhance your University experience. In particular our Academic Societies help to create that peer network that is essential when making friends whilst at University.

This award is given to the society that has tried the hardest to improve the academic experience for their society members across the whole academic year. Examples of this would include societies that focus on giving students help with their studies through arranging guest lectures, or improving their employability prospects by inviting potential employers to networking events with students.

  • Fulfilled as many of Outstanding Society of the Year criteria as possible

  • Gone the extra mile to ensure their members feel settled within their course 

  • The activities of the society have in some way empowered their members to either achieve more as an individual or impact on their University community

  • Attracted members outside of their course or across different study types

  • Organised a variety of events 

  • Improved employability prospects for their members

  • Good communication links with their school/department

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