Issues a Course Rep May Encounter

Examples of some common issues which most Course Reps encounter on an anuual basis. Ongoing support and advice is given to elected/nominated Reps.

Issues relating to Student Progression

(from one year to the next)

  • How many students drop out of the course?
  • How many of each degree classification are awarded each year?
  • How many students go into relevant graduate employment?
  • How many students fail?

Issues about Quality and Standards

  • Are course evaluation forms used and collected?
  • Is such evaluation acted upon?
  • Do you consider that student views are influential? Can you provide any examples?
  • Do you receive any information about what the department or course have done in light of student feedback?

Issues related to student representation

  • Are students aware of the role of the Course representative?
  • Do they understand the mechanism of representation throughout the Students’ Union and University?
  • Do Students explicitly understand and know about the transferable skills they can acquire as a Course Representative?
  • Do the students receive sufficient feedback about what the Faculty has done in light of student feedback?

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