Student Council - Nominations now open

Nominations now open from Monday 26th September - Friday 7th October 2016

Student Council - Nominations now open

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Elections for Students to sit on the Student Council and Trustee Board - two of the most important bodies within the Students' Union.

Here are some of the details:

  • You might be eligible to run for more than one position such as a School Representative or perhaps a Post Graduate Representative. It is up to you what position you run for, however, you can only run for one position;
  • Provide us with a photo of yourself and fill out your manifesto, telling us a little bit about yourself and why you want to be on Student Council. This information will be used to inform students why they should vote for you;
  • An election will be required if your position is contested by another student. If that happens, it is time to get out there and tell students why they should vote for you;
  • Campaigning will start at 09:00 on Monday 10th October;
  • Voting will be between 09:00 until 17:00 on Thursday 13th October;
  • If you are unsuccessful – don’t worry! A second round of nominations for Campus Councillors will open on Monday 17th October, with voting being held on Thursday 27th October.
  • Our first Student Council will meet on Thursday 3rd November… and yes, there will be free pizza and transport.

Positions Available

  • School Reps x 60 Seats
  • International Positions x 16 Seats
  • Postgrad Taught Reps x 2 Seats
  • Part-Time Distance Learners x 1 Seat

Nominate yourself now!

Or contact:
Stuart Cannell
Democracy and Campaigns Coordinator

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