Stand up For Students!  Do you have what it takes to lead?

Nominations for the Student Officer team 2018/9 are now open. This is your chance to get involved at the very centre of the Students’ Union within Ulster University and to represent your fellow students at key stages throughout the year.

The nomination period will close on Monday 12th February (12:00).

To nominate yourself please visit our election website here.

There are 7 positions available and are detailed below.

Vice-President Academic and Student Affairs (one for each campus)

Within this position you shall:

  • Represent students and student interests internally and externally to improve the student experience;
  • Provide advice to students and promote awareness of welfare issues;
  • Regularly undertake membership engagement through monthly Student Engagement initiatives;
  • Provide academic Representation to all students by attending University Committees and reporting on academic issues. The VPs will also provide advice 
on academic related problems to students;
  • Promote participation in the Union and ensure the democratic principles of the Union are upheld which includes ensuring the Student Council is elected and functioning effectively;
  • Promote participation in Societies by assisting with the set-up and running of student-led Societies, including ensuring the financial procedures followed by Societies is correct;
  • Ensure the Union and the University have an excellent reputation within the local community;
  • Be the liaison between the students and the management of the Club Bars to advise on campus entertainments. On sites where a UUSU Club Bar is not in operation the VP shall liaise with external partners to provide entertainment for students at the relevant site;
  • Be a Trustee of UUSU and carry out all duties and roles pertaining to this position.


Vice-President Campaigns and Communications (overall)

Within this role you shall:

  • Ensure UUSU is a campaigning Union which produces positive outcomes for its’ members;
  • Ensure all members of the UUSU are well informed about their Union;
  • Regularly consult the UUSU membership;
  • Ensure students are providing feedback to their University on their student experience;
  • Be a Trustee of UUSU and carry out all duties and roles pertaining to this 


Sports President (overall)

Within this role you shall:

  • Represent students and student interests internally and externally to improve 
the student experience;
  • Be responsible for all sporting activities of the Union, as directed by the Sports Union Constitution and its democratic structures in accordance with Schedule 4;
  • Be a Trustee of UUSU and carry out all duties and roles pertaining to this 

President (overall)

Within this role you shall:

  • Represent students and student interests internally and externally to improve the student experience;
  • Have Executive power between meetings of the Union’s decision making bodies, to which they will be answerable for all decisions taken. They will also be also to call Emergency Student Executive meetings if required;
  • Allocate specific briefs of responsibility to the Executive Committee members at the beginning of their term of office and as the need arises;
  • Be the Chairperson of the Student Executive Committee and Trustee Board and other sub committees deemed relevant;
  • Be the principal spokesperson of the Union and ensure that there is adequate dissemination of information within the Union, its members and other appropriate bodies;
  • Be responsible for the co-ordination of all Union overall campaigns;
  • Be responsible for the co-ordination and timetabling of all Union Elections and Referenda;
  • Be responsible for the co-ordination of attendance at conferences/training 
  • Process application for Life membership;
  • Be a Trustee of UUSU and carry out all duties and roles pertaining to this position;
  • Through the powers of being a member of the Trustee board, can delegate any of these powers to a relevant and suitably skilled committee or department of UUSU.


Nominee Information Sessions

We will be holding a session on each campus at the beginning of the second semester to insure that you have as much information as you need to make your decision.

Magee, 5th Feb @11am, MC114

Coleraine, 5th Feb @ 2pm, E205

Jtown, 6th Feb @ 11am, 02D09

Belfast, 6th Feb @2pm, BA_02_008


In these sessions you can come along and find what is actually involved in being a Student Officer, the training that is provided and also some helpful campaigning tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your campaign.


The Rules

With every election there are rules in which you have to follow. In a nutshell it is not to negatively campaign against your opponent/s. The extensive list of rules around elections can be found within Election Rules document (link below).

We have collated all the key information in relation to this election into a helpful Candidates Handbook, with a summary of the rules brought over from the UUSU Bye Laws. However, please bear in mind that the ultimate authority of what is considered right and/or wrong will be determined by the use of the Bye Laws.


Bye Laws

Election Rules

Candidates Handbook

Code of Conduct


The person who determines what is right and/or wrong within the election is called the Returning Officer – this year that person is Antony Blackshaw (UUSU Interim Chief Executive) The Returning Officer has appointed two Deputy Returning Officers within this election to ensure that candidates uphold the rules at all times, these persons are Avril Honan (UUSU Student Engagement Manager) and Emmet Doyle (UUSU Democracy and Campaigns Coordinator).

Below is a list of their contact details:

Deputy Returning Officer: Avril Honan (

Deputy Returning Officer: Emmet Doyle (


What do I have to do to nominate myself?

If this is something that interests you and you wish to nominate yourself, these are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Follow the link to our election website to nominate yourself here;
  • You can only nominate yourself for one position within this election;
  • You will need 15 fellow students to support you and act as a ‘proposer’ if you are nominating yourself for a campus based position and 30 if you are nominating yourself for an overall position;
  • We provide candidates two ways in which to promote themselves – an online platform (through the voting website) and a paper manifesto (that we print for you);
  • Check out our repository of manifestoes and posters to help you get inspired here.

Online (election website): You have a number of ways in which you can use your online space on the voting website. Firstly, make sure you upload a photograph of yourself so potential voters can see who you are! Additionally, you can either write about yourself and why students should vote for you, create and embed a PDF or you can create a YouTube video that can be embedded. We leave this entirely up to you. You have until Monday 12th February (12:00) to upload and embedded anything that you wish on the online platform. You will also be asked to create an online slogan (limited to 7 words).

Paper (what we print for you): You have the opportunity to create a manifesto and/or poster that we print out copies for you on yellow paper. This can be used to hand out to students to encourage them to vote within the campaigning window. Key information should include: what you want to achieve within the role; why students should vote for you; voting dates; the link to the voting website and of course a photograph of yourself. The deadline is Monday 13th February (12:00) to e-mail this to the Students’ Union. Any delay may result in your manifestos not being printed out.

You have the opportunity to print out on a single-sided A4 page, double-sided A4 page and a single-sided A3 page.

So to summarise what you need: log in and nominate yourself; have 15 or 30 student's names and student numbers ready to act as proposers; have your online information ready for upload and your manifesto/poster information ready to e-mail to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to find out more information on the election, what or where should I go?

It is highly recommended that if you are interested in running for a position that you should go to the Nominee Information meeting. If you want to find out something specific you can read the Candidates Handbook or get in touch with the Returning Officer or the Democracy and Campaigns Coordinator (


Can I digitally print off more posters or manifestos?

Unfortunately - no. It is agreed in the rules that no candidate can digitally print any other information that can be distributed  in the campaign. However, you are allowed to create more posters by hand.

Can I spend my own money throughout the campaign?


Yes. We allow for candidates running for a campus based position to spend up to £60 and for an overall position the candidate can spend up to £100 on additional materials. This includes the price of t-shirts, spray-paint, any food or drinks you want to give out to potential voters. It is highly advised that you keep all receipts as if a complaint is registered you will have to provide proof of the expenditure.


How much do I get paid for this role?

If successful in your election, you get paid around £18,274 per annum.


When would I begin?

If sucessful in your election, you will begin on the 1st July 2018.


Will I receive training for this role?

Absolutely! We would not wish to throw someone in to these posts without first providing training. There is a hand over session between the outgoing and incoming officer, followed by in-house training sessions. Further to this there are several training sessions that we make available to incoming Student Officers throughout summer to fully understand the national movement within the Students’ Union.


Where will I be based?

If you are a Vice-President Academic and Student Affairs, you will be based at that campus. If you hold an overall position, there will be an expectation for you to go where you are needed, however, if you are only doing desk-based work on a specific day you can stay at the closest campus to you.


How often do the Student Officer’s meet up?

During the Summer you will come together very often to plan for the coming academic year. Formally, you will come together at least every three weeks to meet as the Student Executive. It is at this board that a lot of formal decision can be made. Minutes from these meetings are made available on our website. Follow this link here to find out more.


How will I be supported in the role?

There is an extensive team within the Students’ Union at Ulster University to enable your success. We have five members within the Student Engagement Team and a host of other valuable staff members who will assist you throughout the year.

So… what are you waiting for! You have made it this far in the blog post – so you must be interested! Go to our election website here to nominate yourself today!


Key Dates:

Nominations open: 11th Dec at 9am

Nominee Info Sessions

Magee, 5th Feb @11am, MC114

Coleraine, 5th Feb @ 2pm, E205

Jtown, 6th Feb @ 11am, 02D09

Belfast, 6th Feb @2pm, BA_02_008

Nominations close: 12.02.18 (12:00)

Manifesto deadline: 12.02.18 (12:00)

Campaigning begins: 23.02.18 (16:00)

Candidates information session (one on each campus) 23.02.18

Candidates question time (Coleraine): 27.02.18

Voting: 05.03.18 (09:00) – 07.03.18 (12:00)

Election announcements: 07.03.18 (time TBC)


More Information

If you would like to find any further information of the roles, the expectation of you as a candidate or any other questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Democracy and Campaigns Coordinator, Emmet Doyle (

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