Shadow Student Officers - Elections 2018

Find out more about what Student Officers do,

Student Officer elections will soon be upon us, so this is your chance to find out what it takes to be a Student Officer and what the general day-to-day duties actually are.

Below is a list of the positions that are available for you to shadow:

President (overall position);
Sports President (overall sports position);
Vice-President Campaigns and Communications (overall position);
Vice-President Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) (one per campus).

If you are interested you can shadow the current Student Officers for a few hours at a time, or even an entire day if you wish. This is all to give you a better picture of what it is they do.

If this is something you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact our Democracy and Campaigns Coordinator, Emmet Doyle (

This is a great opportunity to get first hand experience before making a nomination.

Don’t forget, if you go for one of these positions in the upcoming election and are successful, you will get paid around £18,274 per annum.

For further information about the upcoming elections, please contact our Democracy and Campaigns Coordinator, Emmet Doyle (

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