Register To Vote!

There’s an election on the horizon…again! An early General Election has been called. In a General Election, you have an opportunity to vote in MP’s who represent you in the UK Parliament in Westminster.

Where will you be on the 8th June?

This is the day the election takes place and we want to make sure you can use your vote. To help, we’ve answered a few questions you might have!


Can I vote?

Yes - if you are over 18 and either a British citizen, a qualifying Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland.


Am I registered?

If you registered to vote during the previous two Assembly Elections you are likely still registered and won’t need to register again.

To check if you’re on the register phone the voter registration helpline on 0800 4320 712.


I’m not registered, how do I register?

If you’re not registered click here, fill out the form and post it to the relevant address on the form. You can register using your home address if you wish to vote in your home constituency or at your student residence if you want to vote near campus. You must register before Monday 22nd May 


I will be away from home (at university or elsewhere) on the 8th June, can I still vote?

Yes, you can apply for a postal vote, allowing you to vote in advance, or a proxy vote, allowing you to nominate another person to vote on your behalf. Click here to register for a postal or proxy vote before the deadline, May 18th at 5pm


What will UUSU be doing to make sure student issues are on the table?

Over the past two assembly elections, UUSU have distributed over 5000 voter registration forms to make sure you have your voice heard.


In the coming weeks we will be contacting candidates who are running to become Members of Parliament and reminding them of issues important to students at Ulster as set out by our Student Council, we will also be on campus helping you register to vote.


You can collect a voter registration form from the SU space on your campus!


If you have questions about registering to vote email, for all other questions email  

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