Dear Stormont

On the 16th of January it will be one year since power sharing collapsed at Stormont. Since then the people of Northern Ireland have been left with no government and with no clear sign of when power sharing will resume, so we thought we would try and give them a little push this Christmas!

Dear Stormont

This year the Ulster University Students Union executive team will be sending our Christmas Wish list to each of the political parties in Northern Ireland outlining the things we want this year! Our message is

For Christmas this year the Ulster University Students Union executive team would like..

  • 1) Restoration of the Northern Ireland Executive
  • 2) Marriage Equality
  • 3) Publicly funded higher education
  • 4) A Brexit deal which takes into considerations the implications for students who travel north and south of the border
  • 5) More funding invested into Mental Health services in Northern Ireland
  • 6) Women’s bodily autonomy
  • 7) Acht na Gaeilge / An Irish language act

We also want you to send your Christmas list to Stormont this year! You can download our Christmas wishlist via our social media pages and tick off or add what you want from the Northern Ireland Executive this year!

If you want to send one to your local MLA you can find out who this is here

The Deadline for this is pretty set in stone so make sure you get your Christmas wishlist sent to Stormont before the 25th of December!

Merry Christmas! #Happypowersharing
If you have any questions please contact

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