Extenuating Circumstances

Compassionate circumstances (EC1 form)

Personal extenuating circumstances are often described as problems or issues which students may face which prevent you from doing your work, or from doing it to your normal ability. They are normally circumstances which are unforeseen and unpreventable meaning that you didn’t know that they were going to happen and can often mean an interruption of a students’ focus on study or their ability to learn at detrimental times such as around exam times, or during or near a coursework/project submission date.

When an extenuating circumstance occurs which is out of a person’s control and a possible threat to their academic performance an EC1 form may be submitted.

Written medical evidence, or evidence of compassionate circumstances, relevant to your performance in coursework or an examination must be presented not later than five working days following the submission date of coursework or the examination to your Course/Subject Director, except in the Faculty of Computing and Engineering where forms should be submitted to School Offices. Evidence of ill-health or extenuating circumstances should be presented using form EC1.

This form is available at http://www.ulster.ac.uk/academicservices/staff/EC1%20Form.pdf

Evidence of ill health must be authenticated by your medical adviser. Medical certificates should be forwarded directly to your Course/Subject Director. Self-certification will not be accepted.

Only in exceptional circumstances will late evidence be considered, in accordance with the procedures set out  in Appeals against academic decisions.

Results appeal (SA1/ SA2 forms)

On receipt of their academic decision, students who are unhappy with the decision may be entitled to submit an appeal if they have the grounds to do so. The appropriate appeal form must be completed and returned to the campus Examinations Office for consideration by the Appeals Panel.

If you wish to appeal you should obtain the appropriate form (SA1 for the submission of new information, or SA2 for the submission of evidence of procedural or other irregularities) from the campus Examinations Office on your campus, Student Services Centre, Belfast campus. The completed form should be returned, by the specified deadline, to the office from which it was obtained.

The forms are also available AT;

SA1 form http://www.ulster.ac.uk/academicservices/students/SA1Form.pdf

SA2 form http://www.ulster.ac.uk/academicservices/students/SA2Form.pdf

All information will be treated confidentially. However, if you have information about highly sensitive or personal circumstances, which you do not wish to present to the Appeals Panel, you may lodge it in a sealed envelope in the campus Examinations Office (Student Services Centre, Belfast) with your name, course and the words ‘For the attention of the Chairperson of the Appeals Panel’ and ‘Strictly Confidential’ written on the outside.

What happens to your form?

The completed SA1 form will be considered by an appeals panel normally comprised of the Chairperson of the Board of Examiners, accompanied by the Head of School and the Course Director. (For students enrolled on combined subject honours degrees the appeals panel will normally comprise the Chairperson of the Progress and Award Board accompanied by the Director of Combined Studies and the Subject Director(s)). You will normally be entitled to be heard in person and to be accompanied by a member of the University (for example, a student or a Students’ Union officer or a member of staff, subject to there being no conflict of interest, i.e., the person must not be related to you).

The completed SA2 form will be considered by a Senior Officer. If the Senior Officer decides that you have not provided evidence of procedural or other irregularities in your completed SA2 form the appeal will be disallowed and the original decision of the Board of Examiners will be confirmed. If the Senior Officer decides that you have provided evidence of procedural or other irregularities he/she will either agree with the faculty the amendment to be made to the original decision of the Board, or convene a panel comprising members of staff not associated with the original decision to consider the evidence.

An explanatory leaflet on appeals procedures may be obtained from the student portal at portal.ulster.ac.uk- My Studies tab, Examinations and Assessment channel.

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