Christian Union Coleraine Campus

The Christian Union (CU) society involve volunteering as an integral part of their society life both on and off campus, and are a shining example of the great work that our societies do!

One of their main activities off campus is Ballysally Homework Club, in Ballysally Presbyterian Church in the local community. The students work alongside the children, assisting them with their homeworks and also playing games. Impressively Ballysally Primary School recently had an inspection, and in the report they commented on the positive impact of Ballysally Presbyterian Church and the CU university students upon the children! 

And it’s not just the schoolchildren, the CU also volunteer in a care home on a weekly basis, singing hymns and songs with the residents. The residents often comment on how much they love to see the students coming in!

The students also host LIFT every Tuesday night during term-time. The students stand outside the Anchor bar, giving out tea, coffee and soup and interacting with revellers out on the town, as well ensuring people are safe. So why then should others volunteer? The CU say:

“Volunteering as a Christian Union is not so much volunteering as it is serving. In the bible through Jesus' example he teaches us how to really love people. The motive behind our serving is to make others more important than ourselves. If this results in a "feel good" emotion or the community benefiting that's fantastic, but not surprising!”


And it’s not just in the community that the CU are volunteering their time. On campus the students host iCafe for the benefit of international students who attend UUC. iCafe happens weekly and is full of activities, providing a great opportunity to meet fellow internationals, practice English, make new friends from different cultures, as well as simply relax!

iCafe is open to anyone and everyone and the CU always welcome new faces. For the CU it brings people together, and a society says:

“Jesus has taught us to love people, regardless of gender, sexuality, nationality or any difference that people have been labelled with. We want to make international students feel as welcome and secure as possible in their time away from home; iCafé is a place where people can be themselves without the fear of judgement or rejection.”
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