In the Community

Check out the opportunities to volunteer in the local community and give something back!

 Volunteering in your local community is a great way to give something back, and with so many exciting and innovative opportunities across Northern Ireland it’s all about finding the right one to suit you!

Think about what time you can spare, and also the level of commitment you can provide. Some mentoring roles require long term commitment, whereas events specific roles are often one offs which can fit around your timetable without the burden of long term commitment. You may also want to consider doing a volunteer role which complements your course of study to enhance your skills, or you can volunteer for an issue that you are really passionate about such as LGBT rights or homelessness. 

Depending on whereabouts you would like to volunteer, there are a number of different organisations which advertise volunteer opportunities:

  1. CommunityNI 
  2. Volunteer NOW
  3. Causeway Volunteer Centre, Coleraine
  4. North West Volunteer Centre

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