Student General Meeting 21st November 2017

  • Location: Jordanstown: 08H09, Belfast: BA_02_012, Magee: MD008A, Coleraine: H113A
  • Date: 21/11/17

In this meeting

Approve: The minutes for the meeting held on 2/11/2017 – SC2-28.11.17

Matters Arising

President’s Communications Receive: Oral report from the President
Committee Reports

Receive: Societies Subcommittee minutes 21.11.17 – SC3-28.11.17
Student Executive minutes 21.11.17 – SC4-28.11.17

Student Officer Reports Receive: Oral report from each member of the Student Executive

Trustee Board Report
Receive: Oral report from the Chair of the Trustee Board
Student Officer Elections

Receive: Dates of Sabbatical Officer elections Approve: Returning Officer

Amendments to Bye-Laws
Receive: Draft Bye Law amendments – SC5-28.11.17
Sports Constitution – SC6-28.11.17

Discuss: Access to Mental Health Info – SC7-28.11.17
Quiet Room – SC8-28.11.17
Consistency across Modules – SC9-28.11.17
Period Policy – SC10-28.11.17
Student parent policy – SC11-28.11.17
Contraceptive Awareness Workshops – SC12-28.11.17
Cue Sports facilities – SC13-28.11.17
Library classification systems – SC14-28.11.17
Meat Free Mondays – SC15-28.11.17
Re-usable cups – SC16-28.11.17
Summer Support Fund – SC17-28.11.17
Recycling Policy – SC18-28.11.17
Reading Week Policy – SC19-28.11.17
Incumbency Policy – SC20-28.11.17

Tabled Questions

Any other business

Date and time of next meeting
The next meeting will be held on 8th February 2018 and 15th March 2018.

Papers & Reports

Other files

Digest (PDF)

Minutes (PDF)

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