Student Council Thursday 2nd November 2017

  • Location: Room H102, Coleraine Campus
  • Date: 02/11/17

In this meeting

1. Minutes Approve: The minutes for the meeting held on 21/03/2017 7

2. Matters Arising

3. President’s Communications
Receive: President’s welcome
NUS, USI & NUS-USI Conference delegates information

4. Co-option of members
Receive: President’s recommendations

5. Elections
Approve: Election of Chairperson
Election of Deputy Chairperson
Appointment of Deputy Clerks (x1 (B), x1(C))
Appointment to University Senate (x2)
Appointments to Governance Subcommittee (x4)
Appointments to Green Impact Subcommittee
Defer: Appointments to Disciplinary Committee

6. Committee Reports
Receive: Societies Subcommittee minutes 15.9.17

7. Student Officer Reports
Receive: Oral report from each member of the Student Executive

8. Trustee Board Report
Receive: Oral report from the Chair of the Trustee Board

9. Student Officer elections
Receive: Dates of Sabbatical Officer elections
Approve: Returning Officer

10. Amendments to Bye-Laws
Receive: Draft Bye Law amendments
Sports Constitution

11. Lapse Policy Update
Receive: Policy Implementation Report
Discuss: Lapse Policy Update

12. Motions
Discuss: Open Seat Policy proposal
Irish Unity Referendum amendment
Creche facilities
Access to Mental Health Info
Quiet Room
Consistency across Modules
Period Policy
Student parent policy
Contraceptive Awareness Workshops
Cue Sports facilities
Library classification systems
Meat Free Mondays
Re-usable cups
Summer Support Fund

13. Tabled Questions

14. Any other business
Video Conferencing proposal

15. Date and time of next meeting The next meeting will be held 28th November, time to be confirmed. It is proposed that following this, the next meetings will take place on 8th February 2018 and 15th March 2018

Papers & Reports

Other files

Digest (PDF)

Minutes (PDF)

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