Outstanding Society of the Year

This society will be the one that stands out for all the right reasons.  The panel will be looking at how the society has contributed to life on campus, not only to its members, but to all students.

The nominated society must also demonstrate a high level of engagement with the Students’ Union and its initiatives/events/campaigns as well as having evidenced a strong organisational, event management and financial track record during the academic year.

  • Fully achieved your society aims

  • Managed your finances professionally throughout the academic year 

  • The activities of the society have in some way empowered their members to either achieve more as an individual or impact on their University community

  • Made excellent use of SU initiatives and resources 

  • Shown attention to (and appreciation of) membership 

  • Attended all meetings and submitted necessary paperwork on time 

  • Provided evidence of a good handover and/or training of new committee members

  • Collaborated with other student groups

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