Inspirational Teacher of the Year

This person exemplifies all of the other awards rolled into one. 

They have that something extra that helps you to understand the most difficult of subjects, but they also take the time to support you outside of class time. Their feedback helps you to develop your learning, and they are organised and enthusiastic in all aspects of their teaching.

Tell us how and why they have inspired you, this is your chance to make sure they know the difference they have made to you. It is difficult to put into bullet points what it is that makes this person stand out - just make sure that you give examples and evidence of how they have inspired you/other students.

Things like:

  • What is so different about their teaching style that makes them stand out?

  • Have they brought something new to your course?

  • How have they created a sense of community amongst your course?

Tell how they make you feel inspired, and our panel will judge based on the evidence!

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