Excellence in Teaching: Postgraduate Teacher/Demonstrator

Any registered PhD student who, while undertaking their own study, has also actively and exceptionally contributed to other students’ education as a module assistant, seminar leader or demonstrator. This nominee will have all of the traits of an excellent teacher – innovative learning styles, or feedback techniques for example.

They will stand out however because they are relatively new to the profession of teaching, and will be carrying this role out alongside of their PhD studies.

The criterion for this award is the same as Excellence in Teaching:

  • New and innovative teaching techniques on your course;
  • Assessment methods and feedback techniques that help you and others to learn and improve as students;
  • How their style of teaching has improved your learning experience;
  • Ways in which they engage students in their learning environment and beyond.

This list is by no means exhaustive – but will be used as shortlisting the nominations!

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