Excellence in Teaching: Faculty Award

All of us have different ways of learning - whether it is reading lots of theory, trying something out ourselves, or just talking it through with classmates.  There are the run of the mill ways for teachers to keep us engaged, but then there are those who think that little bit more creatively, and use different methods to bring their subject to life.

Perhaps they have introduced a practical element to a very dense theory, or taken you outside of the University environment to bring something to life. Perhaps they just have a really different style of presenting - whatever it is, it's new, inventive and helps you to learn.

This category will also recognise all the other elements of excellent teaching: we want to hear examples of innovative feedback techniques, or how online learning has been utilised through BBLearn. Perhaps this teacher has a great way of organising the course to make sure it all runs smoothly.

Give us examples of how they help you learn - and make sure they get the recognition they deserve!
There is an award for the best nominee from each of the Ulster University faculties.
When completing your nomination form, remember to give us examples and evidence of:

  • New and innovative teaching techniques on your course;
  • Assessment methods and feedback techniques that help you and others to learn and improve as students;
  • How their style of teaching has improved your learning experience;
  • Ways in which they engage students in their learning environment and beyond.

This list is by no means exhaustive - but will be used as shortlisting the nominations!

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