Students Call to Action - Email VC

UCU Strikes start today and will run over the next coming weeks! One of the things you can do to show your support for lecturers at Ulster University is email the Vice Chancellor Professor Paddy Nixon and explain to him why you are supporting your lectures and actions he should take! You can email him at with the email template below

Dear Professor Nixon,

I am a ____ student at ____ campus. I’m writing to you today in relation to the strikes currently taking place across the four campuses of Ulster University and in other institutions across the UK.

I support the staff at Ulster University who are taking strike action because (I recognize the need for a fair and attractive pension scheme/I’m concerned about the implication that these changes could have for students considering a career in academic/insert your own).

Although I support UCU, I’m concerned about the impact that the strike action will have on my academic experience. I understand that the University have been working with my Students’ Union to mitigate the effects of this action for students but it is not in the interest of any parties for this action to continue into the future.

I therefore request that you lobby Universities UK to re-open negotiations with UCU nationally, following the example of other vice-chancellors in institutions across the UK, such as Professor Anthony Forster (University of Essex) and Professor Stuart Croft (University of Warwick) who have spoken out in support of UCU.

It is vital that every effort is made to prevent this action from manifesting into the fourteen days originally proposed and I would ask that you take every step possible to resolve this matter.

Yours sincerely,


If you have any issues or want more info about the strike email the UUSU strike email account

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