Oisín Kinsella, VP Jordanstown, October Blog

Hi everyone, Oisín Kinsella VP Jordanstown here to give you all an update as to what I’ve been at the past few weeks!

Oisín Kinsella VP Jordanstown

As with last month I attended PACT which is a meeting with community representatives from around the south Belfast area, in particular the Holylands. These meetings deal with strategy on how to develop better neighbourhood schemes, recycling and rubbish disposal, as well as tackling individual problems arising from us in the Students’ Union, the residents or any other membership of that area.

I attended Carrowmena Adventure Centre with other members of Student Executive and our Senior Reps for Senior Rep training. This was a great opportunity to meet all the Senior Reps and to set out our priorities for the year, as well as jump on the zipline and get crawling through the mud!

I hosted University Challenge Qualifiers for the Jordanstown campus in which a few of our best and brightest tested their metal against a very rigorous qualifying exam. Needless to say I won’t make it in front of Jeremy Paxman with a score of 6/60 but I’m sure we will assemble a team worthy just as we did last year!

I have attended more meetings than I can count for this month but two of interest were my meeting with PWC and my meeting with Brookfield developers. During my meeting with PWC we discussed the digital strategy of the University and I raised concerns that the students had brought to me concerning this. The meeting with Brookfield developers was very interesting as they brought up their plans for housing with the new Greater Belfast Development.

I attended a few society events too. I was at the sociology societies event which was a pub quiz and that went very well. I also went to the very first event of the brand new Islamic society which was very interesting to engage with what’s an unknown culture for me. The most fun of all however was the Halloween party which was a joint event between LINK gaming, the Engineering society and the One World society.

The main focus of the last month and indeed every month since I’ve started my post is the development of a UUSU app for Android and IOS. It has taken a lot to get this app off the ground and it is finally in full swing at about 40% completion. This app will allow students to vote on policies that will head to Student Council, provide students with easy to access info about the University and the Union and provide students with specific prizes and offers on commercial services here at Ulster. The projected ETA of the app is in January, just in time for returning students.

Our drugs and alcohol awareness campaign launched last week and this was very successful, with 1000s of spikeys handed out, as well as pocket breathalyser tests. Please do keep an eye out for any other campaigns launching soon and don’t be a stranger!

That’s it in a nutshell, I’ll see you all next month!

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