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Hey guys!! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holidays and I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

We started December with our Christmas cheer. It was brilliant to see the all of the students loving our free mince pies and hot chocolate. Alongside this students had the opportunity to give us their Bright Ideas. I managed to attend the Jordanstown and Coleraine and of course Belfast’s Christmas Cheer.

We also had the Winder graduations, along with some of the other officers I attended the last ever winter graduations on the Jordanstown campus, it was a beautiful ceremony to end the year. It was great to see the success of so many students.

I also attended the opening of the new Translink Glider, it was lovely to meet the Lord Mayor and get sights at the new buses coming to Belfast. I’m sure a lot of students will enjoy the new high tech transport.

It was great to raise awareness to those who need food over the Christmas holidays. We donated so much and I am very happy and proud that so many students and staff of the Belfast campus came together and shared the Christmas cheer in donating food to those who very much needed it.

Well that’s December for me guys, I hope you all a very Happy New Year!

Enjoy !

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