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Well guys September was a busy month!

Meghan Downey VP Academic & Student Affairs Belfast

Welcome Week

This year we had our first ‘Welcome Week’ during the week students registered. Having activities and events during registration week created a great buzz and got our students excited for the start of the new academic year. Mount Charles gave away free burritos and Boom box were a hit with their DJ and Drag Queen! We also developed a new partnership with the PSNI who had a campus stall advising Ulster students on their safety. This partnership with PSNI will continue throughout the year.

Many thanks to Victoria Square for sponsoring our Balloon Drop. The event was well received especially by the students that caught the balloons with tickets to receive Victoria Square vouchers.

Along with the VP Jordanstown I gave a tour of the campus to fifty International Students which was informative for the students but also great for us getting to know them.

Fresher’s Week

Moving on to Fresher’s Week and we had our Fresher’s Fayre on the Monday. The animals of the petting farm in Buoy Park were the stars of the show! The fayre in the main foyer with clubs and societies and lots of freebies was also a hit. I also spent Fresher’s Week encouraging students to run for Student Council

This year we partnered with the BOT to host the UUSU Fresher’s Party & Fresher’s Ball. It was a success and a lot of students were happy with the events. 

I was involved in the production of Community Relations awareness video for students. UUSU wants students to understand the importance of being a good neighbour, being a good roommate, keeping noise to a minimum and being safe within your area. The Students’ Union is here to help regarding any community issues students encounter.

Networking Events

Along with Oisin Kinsella, VP Jordanstown I visited the Sunflower Project in Dublin. The Sunflower Project has student accommodation with community spaces to bring students and the community together. Training is offered to allow students to make themselves more employable.

The UUSU Staff Networking Event on the Belfast campus allowed the student officer team and staff to meet with University Staff on the Belfast Campus. University staff were free to ask student officers questions on our roles within the Students' Union. The purpose of the event was to build on our working relationship with the University staff to improve the student experience.

Number of Student Queries dealt with - 12 

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