January 2018 Blog by VP Meghan Downey

Meghan Downey explains what she had got up to in the month of January

Hello students and welcome back! I hope you all have had a brilliant start to the New Year.

We know you were all off studying and enjoying the break before the madness began again at the end of January, so I kept myself busy until you all came back.

I have been working with the university staff to ensure the Level 5 space in our Belfast campus is in tip top shape. I hope you have all noticed our new vending machines and billboards. There is more to come, but don’t worry I will keep you updated.

I enjoyed welcoming the international students to the Belfast campus recently, making them aware of the Students’ Union and what we can do for them. I also made an effort to ensure that they knew of the great sports activities we have available here.

The Refreshers Fayre was held on a Tuesday this year for the very first time and it was great to be part of an opportunity to provide students with a second chance to chat to us, join societies and sports clubs. Dominos were also in attendance - free pizza (amazing!).

I hope you all have had an amazing January, it’s so great to see you all back.

That’s it from me guys, enjoy!

If you would like to speak to Meghan Downey at the Belfast Campus, please contact her on:

028 95 367308


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