James Colgan, VP Magee November Blog

Hey guys just keeping you up to date on the month of November.

James Colgan, VP Magee

We kicked off the month catching our breath after the Halloween activities.  We hosted the University Challenge Qualifiers.  We had an open invitation to participate and one Magee student passed through to the next stage of selection.

I met recently with the Provost about creating better ties between the Students’ Union and the Magee chaplain in Magee. As a result, we hosted a thanksgiving information breakfast for students to come along to the Bunker café, enjoy some complimentary pumpkin pie and tea plus coffee.

Student council was also held were the elected students and officers came together to debate and pass policy for the students of all four campuses. This was held in Coleraine and was a great success with representation from all campuses. Student council reconvened at the end of the month to allow anything that wasn’t brought forward during the previous council, this allowed us to debate nearly all policy brought to council this semester

I also sat in the university council lunch with the rest of the UUSU staff attended. This was chance for the Student Officers to meet with University senior staff and create stronger links between the SU and the University.

Liaising with Andrew Todd from the University’s Student Services Centre we approached students to see what they thought of Student Services.  Over 100 students completed the face to face survey and two Magee students won prizes for taking part.

I currently sit on the Student liaison committee which allows the SU, ISD, IT, and the library to work in partnership to make sure the needs of the students are met and that the students are kept up to date with the latest news and technology.

At the end of the month my fellow student officers and I took part in the sleep out with the SOS bus in Belfast to help promote homelessness awareness and we raised a lot of money for the cause. We slept outside in the rain for the Friday night to help get an experience of what many people go through every day.

I also sat on the working group for penalties for exceeding word limits, this was a very informative meeting and myself along with fellow ulster university staff members talked about how different it can be across different courses and faculties.

Towards the end of the month I worked very closely with students regarding disciplinaries, appeals fitness to practices and general queries.

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