Homelessness awareness week

This week is our Homelessness awareness week in UUSU, This week is all about raising awareness around the ongoing problem with Homelessness in Northern Ireland. With over 12,000 households, Individuals and families considered homeless this year its clear action needs to be taken.

Homelessness awareness week

This week your Students' Union will be encouraging you to volunteer, donate and get involved with organizations across Northern Ireland to help out on the run up to Christmas for those who sadly won’t get to go home this year. Keep an eye on your campus specific pages for opportunities to volunteer in your campuses city and community like the Simon Community Christmas lunch on Wednesday the 6th of December where you can serve a hot lunch to someone in need.

Your Campus Vice Presidents have also teamed up with local organization and have set up Foodbanks on each campus.

We have team up with South Belfast foodbank on our Jordanstown and Belfast campus, Our Stand up for social work society in our Magee campus and for Vineyard Compassion on our Coleraine campus. Even donating one can of food can make a difference this Christmas and will be helping someone out there more than you think! These foodbanks can be found outside your Students union offices and shops and will be there until Friday the 15th of December.

If you would like to get involved our this week with any volunteering or would like to donate to our foodbanks on campus please contact vp.campaigns@uusu.org for more information!

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