Hannah Rooney, VP Campaigns & Communications November Blog

Hi everyone, it’s your Vice President for Campaigns and Communications here to chat to you about what I’ve been up to this month!

The Women Empowerment Campaign ran from 20-24 November

November has been another busy month in the Union! From campaigns, planning and Conference elections! I kicked off November with planning PIPS Training across our four campuses, PIPS is a suicide prevention workshops which gives you the skills to Look, Listen and Link someone who may be feeling suicidal. This is an extremely important workshop and I’m very proud to say that the officer team trained another 45 students and with another set of workshops coming in January UUSU is on target to train over 600 students in PIPS over the last three years.

November also saw the launch of two of our Campaigns, First was our “Know your stuff” campaign this campaign worked closely in with our class rep and the campaign focused on making students know about their rights as a Student at Ulster University while also linking them in with their course rep so that if they ever do have any problems in terms of academic life they have someone they can go to. We had a number of infographics on social media, our campus VPS were out on the ground letting students search on our website for their course rep right there and then and we also held a Q&A on our social media letting students message us any questions they had regarding campus life!

We also launched our women empowerment week which ran from the 20th-24th of November Women empowerment week is about encouraging women to have confidence in themselves and showing them all the amazing things they can achieve. It’s about Women at Ulster knowing that they can go into leadership roles whilst a student and after graduation, We had a number of different events running throughout the week such as talks from PWC talks, This girl can sporting days such as UV badminton and we also gave out our “Women in power” toolkits and T-shirts!. The campaign was a huge success and I want to thanks all those who got involved and those women who we interviewed for Women of UUSU!

My Highlight of the Month I think has been organizing the UUSU sleep out with the SOS Bus. The sleep out was in aid of raising awareness for Homelessness in Northern Ireland, SOS NI was created in 2007 to meet the needs of vulnerable people on the streets of Belfast. Following a violent attack on his son, founding CEO Joe Hyland realized the need to have a compassionate and caring presence on our streets to make the city safer for everyone. Arriving in Writers square each with our multiple layers on we knew what were about to do wasn’t going to be easy but we knew even just getting a glimpse into what thousands of people across Northern Ireland have to go through every night was something we needed to understand more as a group. With officers giving updates of how the night was going on our snapchat we felt extremely supported by the Staff and Students at Ulster University.

It was a surreal experience but I can’t thank all the people who donated and kept us going enough and we raised an end figure of over £700 pound all towards the SOS bus!

Thanks for reading guys and ill chat to you next month!

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Upcoming campaigns: Mental Health week- 29th January - 2nd February

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