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Hi everyone, it’s Hannah Rooney your Vice President for Campaigns and Communications here to chat to you about what I did in December!

Student Officers Christmas wishlist to each of the political parties in NI

December is one of my favorite times in the Union, everything seems more cheerful and you the students get to have a bit of break this month and spend some time away from the books and with friends and family. December is also a great time for some effective campaigning as the best way to spread Christmas cheer is signing letters to Stormont and putting it on social media for all to hear about!

Come the 16th of January it will be one year since power sharing collapsed at Stormont. Since then the people of Northern Ireland have been left with no government and with no clear sign of when power sharing will resume, so we thought we would try and give them a little push this Christmas. Instead of sending our Christmas wish list to Santa this year we send them to the political parties in Northern Ireland. Our list included things like Marriage Equality for NI, More funding invested into Mental Health services in Northern Ireland and publicly funded higher education.

I also spent time in December continuing to work on the consent campaign the union in conjunction with student support will be rolling out in February as part of our love week.  We have met with the PSNI rape unit and are now party of a larger campaign called the grey zone so over the next month or so keep an eye out for posters like this around campus and our social media pages and also make sure to sign up to our consent workshops and find out more about the campaign.

Christmas cheer also kicked off this month with our Student engagement team leading on this we went around each of the campuses spreading Christmas cheer with Christmas music, free hot chocolate and mince pies. This also gave us the opportunity to speak to students about any ideas they had to improve the Students Unions and any issues they would like raised to the University. To tie in with Christmas cheer we also continued our Homelessness awareness campaign food donation boxes into this week, A huge amount of food was donated across the four campuses and would just like to thank all those students and staff who donated and really made a difference to a number of peoples Christmases this year.

To finish off the semester the whole team met to have our campaigns planning day to discuss our second semester campaigns and how we can improve off our first semesters campaigns so that we are reaching students and actually making sure they are involved in the campaigns and that they are benefiting from them!

Well that’s all from me see you next month!

Student queries: 10

Upcoming campaigns: Mental Health Week (5th-9th February) 

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