Go Green Week - Tips!

Its Go Green week here at UUSU! This week is all about looking at ways we can all improve our carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly both on and off campus.

Go Green Week - Tips!

Green Week brings together a range of fun activities to transform campus life for one week such as design competitions for the recyclable bin on campus, Free sports membership giveaways and lots of fun tips and discounts on things which will keep you more green! Todays blog we will look at top tips for being more Earth Friendly


1) Re-usable cups are in this spring - Put down the paper cup and finally get yourself that re-usable coffee cup! This week the union will be selling our Re-usable coffee cups for £2 and while you are saving the amount of paper you use you can also get loads of cool discounts and offers throughout the year with it, This is common for most coffee shops so think before you drink next time and you could be taking your first steps to being the Earths Friend!

2) Go Green Get Lean - We know sometimes its easier to just get in the car to go to Uni or work but we want you to challenge this! Each of the Ulster campuses are accessible by trains, buses are even walking! The University have outlined all the best options and ways to do this here. Not only will these different methods reduce the amount of environmental impact it will also improve your health.

3) Paperless is more - Heading to a lecture or doing some studying? Why not try and download the lecture slides on your phone or laptop instead of printing them out. Not only does this save you the printing credit even cutting down the amount of paper we use by 50% can make a huge difference.

4) Fairtrade - Choosing to switch your everyday items like sugar, Alcohol and even clothes to fairtrade it not only means those making the items are getting better labor standards and safer working environments but Fairtrade items have more rigorous environmental standards and encourage farmers to better protect their delicate eco-systems. For a list of Fairtrade items click here

5) Our last tip of the day is to check out the UUSU Horticulture Society
This Society is focused on providing stress relief for students, making use of green spaces and sustainability efforts. They are based on the Coleraine campus at the minute but welcome students from across the four campuses! Or if you would like to set up your own Horticulture society on your own campus just email vp.campaigns@uusu.org

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