Student Money

One thing that can spoil your time at University is your money or, perhaps more correctly, it is a lack of planning or thinking ahead when deciding how to spend your money.

Far too often students do nothing about their finances until they find themselves in trouble. Please do yourself a big favour and meet with our Financial Advisor – Frank
Either individually or in a group, arrange to meet with Frank as early as possible in the year. 

A little thought and planning now can save you so much stress later.

Please do not assume !!!    Listen to what you hear but then - check it out !

Get proper information from reliable sources and then plan realistically and early – and please be aware that we will be happy to help you with this!

If you have any concerns regarding your funding or your finances please complete the form which you will find at or email

While based at Jordanstown Frank will be on all campuses regularly.

You can contact him directly, or through the Students’ Union Secretary, or the VP Academic & Student affairs on your campus.

Frank Dunleavy

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