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Everyone, in all walks of life, experiences problems, and your time at university is no exception. Being a student can be demanding. New home, new work, new friends; the pressure of essays and exams; money, debt, and making decisions about your future; it can all be unnerving and challenging in an unfamiliar way. Add to this the more personal issues that happen along life’s way and you can end up feeling depressed, anxious, or just generally upset. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed and not sure how best to manage.

It is not a reflection on you, or your ‘success’ at university, and these problems are all solvable. The vital thing is not to think you have to keep them to yourself.

Who you can contact for advice

Your VP’s are there to help, so do not be afraid to contact them;

VP Belfast Meghan Downey – 028 9536 6057
VP Coleraine Andrew McAnallen – 028 7012 4629
VP Jordanstown Chris Murray – 028 9036 6055
VP Magee John Cunningham – 028 716 75290

You can also contact the Student Support Councillor on your campus:

Belfast T | (028) 9526 7300
Available: Tuesday and Wednesday

Coleraine T | (028) 7032 4105
Available: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Jordanstown T | (028) 903 68854/66336
Available: Monday, Thursday and Friday

Magee T | (028) 7167 5218
Available: Tuesday and Wednesday

The Chaplaincy at University of Ulster

Coleraine: Room L101/ L102 prayer room

Tel 028 7032 4652

Jordanstown/ Belfast: Room 5F01/ 1D05 prayer room

Tel  028 9036 6404

Magee: Room MC108

Tel: 028 7137 5614

Samaritans (8 Branches in Northern Ireland)
Tel: (028) 906 64422

Samaritans is a free & anonymous service which runs 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you need a listening ear & a point in the right direction, give Samaritans a call – their volunteers may not be professional councillors but they are professional listeners.

The following website is fantastic & provides excessive resources. Although you must talk about your problems, this can help you decipherer who best to talk to.

Out of Hours /Doctors on Call;
Details and numbers can be found at:


The University of Ulster is now working in partnership with Carecall to provide a new counselling service for students across all four campuses. This free and confidential service can be accessed by calling 0800 028 5510, Counselling appointments are offered within three days at a venue to suit you.

Many students suffer anxiety, depression and other forms of mental health issues which can affect self-esteem and well-being, talking through your concerns can help you to find new options and different perspectives and help you to identify the resources, strengths, qualities and skills that you have to achieve your goals to find your own unique solutions.

All the counsellors have a sensitive and practical approach, no matter what difficulties you may be going through, including:

•       Academic concerns
•       Alcohol or drug problems
•       Anxiety
•       Bereavement
•       Bullying / harassment
•       Compulsive behaviour
•       Crisis Support
•       Debt concerns
•       Depression
•       Eating disorders
•       Exam stress
•       Family problems
•       Fear of failure
•       Feeling out of control
•       Feeling lonely
•       General help & advice
•       Pregnancy worries
•       Relationship difficulties
•       Sexual issues
•       Suicidal thoughts
•       Worries about leaving home

Your counsellor will support you to cope with whatever issues are causing you distress and disrupting your studies. Counselling is carried out in a supportive, caring and non-judgemental way. You will be gently challenged to face your problems, to set goals on how to achieve solutions to your problems and actively work towards those goals.

Student Counselling offers...
•Flexible and prompt support, with most students offered an appointment within 3 days of calling for an appointment
• 24 hour telephone counselling support
•Access to expertise on a wide range of issues that might be affecting your wellbeing
•Information on other types of support
•Services to fit your schedule and a drop in service on campus
•The ability to provide a letter confirming that students are attending counselling with a brief indication of the issue that the student has presented with.

If you are distressed or worried about a friend or fellow student, don’t be afraid to call Carecall on 0800 028 5510, email or visit the website 

Transgender and Intersex Advice

THE IDENTITY TRUST is a newly established charity in Northern Ireland and the border counties of the Republic of Ireland which exists to provide support to Transgender and Intersex Individuals and their families. It exists to assist in the promotion of positive mental health, growth in self-esteem and confidence and help transgender and intersex individuals particpate in the Trust's Peer Support groups. Furthermore it enables these individuals to become aware of their rights and responsibilities and to promote equality, welfare and safety at all times. THE IDENTITY TRUST can be contacted by email or by the website

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